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Image Classification

After you upload an image you will be prompted to assign a title, narrative text, color and category to your image. Narrative text is optional but will allow you to enter unique information about your image.

You must select a single category to classify your image. You will be able to add image tags later to further classify your image. The following screenshot is from the image classification screen:

Image Tags

Image tags allow the user to quickly find similar related images. The following screenshot is from the keyword assignment screen used to assign keywords to your image:
The website will automatically find other related tags from other images in the category you selected. This allows you to select the tags you may be interested in rather than having to type them all in. It also helps reduce spelling type errors. If you would like to use a tag that is not in the common related tag list, you can enter in some of your own tags in the custom tag list. The custom tag list allows freeform text tags separated by comas. Example: flower, leaf, stem, petal You may not use special characters such as " * = $ :
  • Max tags per image is: 12 tags
    The reason why we limit the max number of tags allowed per image is to force people to select the top 12 tags rather than just "christmas-tree" selecting as many tags as possible. The accuracy of the tags is very important.
  • Max characters per tag is: 12 characters
    This helps keep things fast and tight. We don't see any reason to allow super long tags.
  • Tags will be converted to lowercase
    This prevents duplicate tags such as Dog and dog being listed twice.
  • Try to avoid redundancy in your keywords
    Example: heli and helicopter - the search engine will find heli in the helicopter tag so it is unnecessary to add the heli tag if you already have helicopter.
If you feel these restrictions on tags are too restrictive, you can always add more custom information to the narrative section of your image. The narrative description on your image will also be searched when people search using the search feature.

Image upload guidelines

  • Size
    Images should be AT LEAST 3000 pixels on the largest edge.

Batch Uploads

A batch uploader client application is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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